Nokia "Message in a bottle" Sydney Australia

Reef Beach Australia

Reef Beach Australia

When approached by Sydney based agency to feature in a Nokia China campaign, I jumped at the chance as the adorable child actor and stunning beach location were more than enough (beyond the money and pretty actress who would play my wife), to inspire smiles for miles as I played in the surf and sand before the cameras in the hot Australian sun.

Frolic in the surf, enjoy a relaxing and soulful bicycle excursion through a lush forest and peer both deeply and protectively into the innocent depths of child’s eyes.. This was the brief which was really easy to follow given the location of Long Reef beach in Australia.

 The day went extremely fast as the Australian heat was balanced with the cool breeze rolling off of the surf that hit the beaches with a calming constant rumbling that is still plays fresh in my ears on mother nature’s own radio station channel. The team that worked on this advertisement worked hard to keep things simple and safe as we spent time in the surf and eventually in a forest riding leisure bikes to add to the feeling of peace. Interestingly enough, the add was for the phone giant Nokia yet the only "technology" was a message in a bottle.  Which you could say signifies "back to basics" of communication. The human aspect.

  In a time where technology is increasingly being used as a key method of communication, for many people phones are a life line for maintaining connection to their loved ones and families both near and far. A phone is no longer just a "phone" as mobile phones now pack the full blown internet and applications that allow users to use skype, facebook, twitter and many others right from their mobile phones as they travel on foot or with Trains Planes and auto mobiles (one of my favourite films).

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