BBC Focus on Africa Magazine cover

Anthony Rock BBC Africa.jpg

I was very pleased to be commissioned to photograph the January/Feb/Mar cover of BBC's Focus on Africa magazine.

 This cover story is a focus on one of the many resources of Africa that are being exploited to massive foreign profit with a tiny fraction finding its way back to the country of origin. Unfortunately to this story there is no end in sight. As it stands 50% of the worlds un-mined gold is still sitting in the ground of Africa with many lined up to claim revenue from these reserves. This all says nothing about the oil, uranium and diamonds that Africa supplies to the world (Billions of dollars worth) while people are still living on less than 2 dollars a day.

Please pick up this magazine wherever you are on this good earth and have a read. It effects all of us who drive cars, buy luxury goods or have any connection to Africa! 

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