Walking forward and living with change

You only have two hands…

You only have two hands…

 The only thing complicated in life is  the telling of a lie. 

Only because of the constant management of the tiny bit of truth that exists within it. History is constantly being retold and re-taught with the little bits that were left out, piece by piece. Everything is different when these seemingly harmless bits of information had been left out. The constant scrambling to retell stories can be tiring for the mind and this is complicated. remembering what was told to who and how long for and when it started, when it ended and where it all began. 

The truth shall set you free and all else is simple. Tears, joy , shame and everything in between.

Everything else in life is simple.

We are born. We make decisions and actions, we live through the consequences of those actions through to the end of the journey that is determined 100% by the choices we make every day and all day. 

almost every single problem we have in life can be solved with one word or one single action.

The problem is..... Do we want to do what is necessary?  

World hunger…. one action. 

The redistribution of the gross imbalance of wealth on earth is a single decision yet most would rather keep the gluttonous tv/fast-food/faux luxury culture than lift a finger to share enough of what would eradicate the problem.

We decide when we want change

Eventually, people get fed up with their life situations, their jobs, their relationships, their faiths. They eventually make decision and everything changes. 

     .....It only takes one clear thought. One action.

Some think this is complicated but its not.

Once again, we make a decision

Are we willing to make the necessary choices that will bring change?

We are either willing to act or we are not willing to act.

This does not become complicated. We need only decide if we are willing to accept the consequences of change in life.

The best thing about making a decision and acting on it is that once you do, you never have to think about it again. Its done as you are instantly living in the wake of your change for better or worse.  




Walk forward.